Potential Features of The Next Snapchat Update

Potential Features of The Next Snapchat UpdatePotential Features of The Next Snapchat Update

Snapchat typically updates their mobile app every three months or so. The last major update occurred a while ago and many users are asking “What is next?”. Specifically snapchat users are wondering what new features will snapchat add to the app next. Since the release of snapchat, a number of updates have taken snapchat from a simple photo sharing app, to an all out social media platform. Features such as messaging, live video sharing, filters, snapcash, and even lenses. Some features of the app have been added then later removed. The feature that allowed users to see other users “best friends”, or people they snapped the most, likely caused drama within the snapchat community, leading to the removal of that feature. What will be the next feature that snapchat’s employees can come up with?

See How Many Views Someone Else’s Story Gets on Snapchat

Snapchat allows its users to post stories that can be viewed for 24 hours. The stories can consist of as many snaps and videos the user wants to post to it. After a post has been up for 24 hours, the snap is removed from the story. Snapchat offers the ability to Download or Delete a snap story before the 24 hours is up. The ability for viewers to see how many times a story has been viewed has yet to be provided. Only the person who posted the story is able to see how many times a story has been viewed. Future updates could add a small indicator in the bottom corner of the story that shares with the viewers how many times the snap has been viewed.

Group Chat on Snapchat

Snapchat added the ability for its users to instant message one another about two years ago. Snapchat messaging allows users to send messages to their friends. Once the messages are viewed, the message is removed from the conversation. This can cause a little bit of drama, but snapchat also added a way for users to save messages if they desire. At first all you had to do was tap a message to save it. Now you are required to tap and hold the message if you want to save it. Future updates could include a way for users to set up group chats with their friends. Similar to iMessage on iOS devices, this would allow someone to share a snap or message to a chat that includes all the friends he/she wants. Snapchat does allow you to send the same snap to more than one person, however, it is not truly a group chat.

Group Stories on Snapchat 

Similar to the idea of group chats on snapchat, group stories would allow a group of friends to share a single story that they could all contribute to. The story would appear on everyone’s story page and would function the same way that individual stories do now. There could also be an option to let other users add the group story as a friend, then other users could view the collective story. This feature could be turned off by having an option in the settings.

If you have any ideas for future snapchat updates, let me know by either commenting below, or adding me on snapchat by scanning my snapcode below.

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Potential Features of The Next Snapchat Update