Puzzle Face Snapchat Lens Filter – What is The Fastest Time?

Snapchat lenses and filters are gaining popularity day by day. After they were first released we figures they would be a short lived fad. Boy were we wrong. Snapchat lenses are probably the coolest thing you can do on your phone. Snapchat lenses and filters allow anyone to turn their selfies into a work of art or even a game. Snapchat’s latest lens turns your face into a puzzle. This lens is called the Puzzle Face Snapchat Lens.

The Puzzle Face snapchat lens turns anyones face into a fun game that you can actually play! The lens works by adding a few different cartoon character features such as a cartoon mouth, nose and, lips. The lens also adds a little lightning bolt on one cheek to help you solve the puzzle easier. Once your face is modified, the lens shuffles eight different squares and turns your face into a puzzle that you must solve. The object of the snapchat face puzzle game is to rearrange your face in as little time as possible. To solve the puzzle you must slide the squares around to make all the pieces line up. It is kind of interesting to see your face move real time on each of the squares while you try to solve the puzzle as fast as you can. You can use the puzzle snapchat lens filter just like any other lens. Simply open up the snapchat app, turn the camera towards you, then tap on your face to activate lenses. The puzzle face snapchat lens will be one of the first icons on the bottom of the screen. To start the timer slide one of the squares. Once you have started just solve the puzzle to see how fast you can do it. Once you have solved the puzzle you will get to a screen that shows you your time. Below you can read about some of the best times or scores for the Puzzle face snapchat lens filter.

What is the Best Time/Score on The Puzzle Face Snapchat Lens Filter?

The object of the Puzzle face snapchat lens game is to solve the puzzle in as little time as possible. In our office we have only been able to get scores of around 30 seconds or more. However, there have been scores recorded of less than five seconds. Some people have reported receiving scores of 2 seconds! These scores are amazing. It will be interesting to see if snapchat releases more snapchat lens games in the near future. Let the world know what your fastest time is on the face puzzle snapchat lens by commenting below!

Puzzle Face Snapchat Lens Filter - What is The Fastest Time?

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