Rabbit Online Video Chat and Screen Sharing

Online video chatting services are not as exciting and cutting edge as they used to be. Skype and Oovoo were some of the first to offer the ability to call your friends and see their face via your computer and a webcam. Google Hangouts added another cool feature to the video chatting experience. Their service allows users to make their chats live on YouTube for subscribers and followers to watch real time. This was made possible because Google owns a variety of online services that are all intertwined to create an amazing online experience. Recently I found out about an online video chatting service that allows its users to create rooms that anyone can join by just typing in the URL. Even people who don’t have an account can join the video chat room. It is called Rabbit. Rabbit is an online video chatting service that is extremely easy to use. With Rabbit there is no need to sign up for an account unless you want to have control of the chat room. Only the owner of the chat room has to have an account. If you want to join the chat room you simply type in the URL of the room. Don’t worry, the chat room URL’s are extremely simple. It is just rabb.it/username. Except you replace “username” with the username of the person who’s chat room you’d like to join. This feature is great for those who would like to chat with their friends without having to set up accounts and add friends and all of that nonsense. When you first join your room there will be a ‘wall’ with nothing on it and you will see yourself in the bottom bubble. When people join their bubbles will be on the bottom with you. You can pin their bubbles on the wall to blow them up. You can either pin everyone you are talking to or just specific people. If you hover your mouse over someones bubble on the bottom, their image will be blown up on the wall. With Rabbit you can chat with up to fifteen people at a time. This can be helpful if you are trying to present something with a group of friends or study with some classmates. Rabbit also gives users the ability to share screens with everyone who is in the chat room. So if you found a video that you think your friends won’t be able to live without and you want to show them: you can tell them to open your chat room and you can launch You Tube and share it to all of your friends screens. You can share anything online with your friends or classmates. Anyone can join your chat room if they know your username, but if you want to have a private conversation with someone just have them join the room then you can lock the room so that nobody else can join until you unlock it again. You also have the option to kick people who are no longer welcome out of the chat room with the click of a button.  I’ve used Rabbit twice so far and the audio and video quality was great, and it ran extremely smooth. Rabbit is optimized for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. To use Rabbit on Safari you will have to download a plugin. I will be posting more content regarding how to use Rabbit video chatting service as I tinker around with it some more. Check it out by clicking HERE