Rabbit Online Video Chatting Update August 2015

Rabbit recently updated their online video chatting service to create a service that is much more simple to use. The most recent update of the rabbit online video chatting website included some simplifying of controls and the ability to save friends and chat with specific people in the room as well as the whole room. These additions add a few advantages to this version over the previous version of rabbit.

Simplified Controls

The new version of rabbit offers a control panel that is made simpler and less cluttered. How did they do this? They started off by moving some of the icons into a single button that expands when clicked. The new icon that contains all of the old icons looks like three dots in a row. Icons moved into this folder of sorts are the icons for: full screen, pin all, start self cast, turn off video chat, lock room, leave chat, and end chat. With all of these moved into one icon the dashboard is much less cluttered which leaves more space to see what is going on in the room. Weather it be a movie or a meeting for a class group, you will be much more engaged with less clutter on the screen. 

Adding Friends on Rabbit

Users have been asking for the ability to add and save friends for a while now. Wish granted! You now have the ability to add and save friends. This way you can easily start rooms and invite people to your room. Adding friends also allows users to message specific people in the room. You can also message every user in the group but you can also send messages directly to specific users that only they can see. This could lead to some drama but it can be a cool feature if you have a private question that you need to ask a specific person. How do you add someone as a friend on rabbit? To add a user as a friend just hover over their bubble at the bottom of the screen then click the plus symbol in the top center of the bubble. This will send them a request. Once they have approved the request you they will be listed as your friend and you will be able to invite them to your room or go to their room much quicker. 
All around I think that the update will have a positive effect on the service. I can’t wait to see what rabbit adds next. Check out the new features and let me know what you think. 

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