Real Estate SEO – Best WordPress Theme for Real Estate

When your real estate business is on the web, it is important to make sure that your website is aesthetically pleasing. Google’s Panda algorithm constantly prowls the internet searching for the websites with the overall highest quality. So if you want to rank front page in Google search, it is vital that you choose a quality theme that works well with your real estate application.

When choosing your theme there are a few things you need to make sure the theme has before you deploy the theme onto your domain. Keep this checklist in mind when choosing your theme.

  • Is the theme aesthetically pleasing?
  • Does the theme have an easy to navigate interface?
  • Can you customize the theme?
  • Can the theme be optimized for SEO?

Keep these questions in mind when shopping for a theme. Most of the best themes for real estate cost anywhere from $30 to $80. Make sure you do not waste money by picking the first theme with any relation to real estate. Be sure to play around on the preview to make sure that the theme you purchase is the theme that you will go with for the long haul.

Real Estate SEO – Best WordPress Themes for Real Estate

Below you will find some of the best themes for real estate. These themes could be used from anything from a Realtor’s personal website to a website for a house you are selling. If it is related to real estate you will find a theme that will help here.

WP Residence Theme 

Real Estate SEO - Best WordPress Themes for Real Estate

This highly dynamic theme is great for independent realtors as well as real estate agencies. This theme offers home sellers the ability to submit properties either for free or for a fee of your choosing. This theme also allows the moderator to create subscription packages of different amounts of time and values. If you want to, there is even an option to charge home owners a fee to display their property in a high traffic area on the website. This theme costs $54 but it is very effective for real estate agents who want a variety of setup options.

Reales Theme

Real Estate SEO - Best WordPress Themes For Real Estate

I like this theme for a variety of reasons. The simplistic interface gives the theme an extremely modern feel compared to some of the other themes available. This theme is extremely fast to get set up due to the fact that it is just so simple. Not much to set up. Just upload your pictures, organize the home page, and go! This theme also offers a variety of optional sidebar widgets, including agent profiles or a contact page. There is a template included with the theme that makes publishing extremely easy . This theme costs $49. If you want a very simplistic look with straightforward control, this is the theme for you.

Solus Theme 

Real Estate SEO - Best WordPress Theme For Real Estate

If your goal is to market a single property online you should take a look at this theme. Solus is optimized to promote a single piece of real estate as apposed to a collection of listings. This theme allows the owner to customize the color scheme to whatever their heart desires. There is the option of a full page, home screen slider to promote the best pictures of the property. Solus also includes page templates that you can customize to promote the property however you want to . This theme is great for a realtor or a home owner who wants to promote a single home on a domain. Solus costs $49. If you only have one property to sell, this is the theme for you.

Oikia Theme

Real Estate SEO - Best WordPress Theme For Real Estate

The Oikia theme is another simplistic theme that offers a simple home page that can be navigated from extremely easily. The home page of this theme gives you the option to choose between a few different widget options. You can go with a simple property slider across the entire home page, a search bar, or a grid of properties. The theme includes a few preset color combinations that you can choose from. You can even set up your website so that there is a different color combination on each page. The Oikia theme costs $39.

Luster Theme 

Real Estate SEO - Best WordPress Theme For Real Estate

The luster theme is a very large theme with plenty of options and short codes to choose from when setting up your website. This theme has woo commerce compatibility which will allow you to easily sell on the website. The theme also offers a map that allows visitors to filter properties by specific traits. There is an option for users to register accounts and submit properties to the website. As a realtor this could remove the task of hunting for sellers. There are many other features to this theme that could not make it on this brief summary. Go check out the preview of this theme to see what other options it offers. Luster costs $59. 

These are just some of the most popular themes that clients have used in the past. I find them to be the most visually appealing as well as the most functional. They also work very well for SEO when formatted correctly and filled with quality content.  


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