Real Estate SEO – How to Create Content That Ranks First Page on Google

Real Estate SEO - How to Create Content That Ranks First Page on Google In order to rank first page on google for any keyword related to real estate it is imperative to create a quality resource about real estate topics. This resource should consist of everything that there is to know about your business, yourself, and why your business will be the best fit for potential clients. In this article I will discuss specific pieces your content will need in order to rank first page in google search.


Real Estate SEO – How to Create Content That Ranks First Page on Google

When you are creating content for your real estate business it is important to have the goal of creating a valuable resource that will point to your business. You will want to make sure that you are sparing no detail when creating. When writing, make sure to mention specific keywords that you want to rank for. Mention the keywords exactly how your customers would type them into google so that your resource will rank when that keyword is searched on Google.

To start your resource you are going to want to build a huge mass of content before you can construct your final resource. There are two roads you can take when you start the process. The road number one involves creating a single running page listing all of your content in a row. The pros to this are you will have a huge recourse that will rank for lots of keywords. The con to this are that when readers are looking for information that is at the bottom of the page they will have to search through seemingly endless amounts of content to find the few paragraphs they are actually after. When readers are forced to hunt for information within a page they are likely to bounce off your page. This is not what you want. To avoid this, it is smart to go with road number two. Road number two consists of creating a number of five hundred word posts about specific topics, then combining them to create the final resource. You combine the posts by linking them all to and from a main page on your website which serves as the main page for your resource. The title of the main page would be something like: “my town Real Estate” or “my town Realtor”. This way you have a mass resource of all of your relevant content in one page that will rank higher for the more competitive keywords than each individual post would on their own.

As well as content, your resource will need to contain unique media such as videos and images. Google will rank your resource higher when it brings new resources to the table that have not been posted. When powerful videos are added, it will also boost your websites ranking.

Once you have created a quality real estate resource, other blogs and websites will likely link to it if they find it a good source of information. When this happens they may even link to your resource. This is what you want to happen. When you get links you gain authority with Google. The more links your resource gets the more authority it gains.  As you gain authority with Google your website will climb the rankings. Eventually you will get ranked on the first page of Google.


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