Real Estate SEO – How to Rank Front Page On Google

Real Estate SEOReal Estate SEO – How to rank Front Page on Google

Lets start things off about describing what real estate SEO is exactly, and how it will benefit your real estate business’ website. First of all SEO is an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization”. Search engine optimization is a process in which one optimizes their business’ website so that when specific keywords are searched by potential customers on Google, their business ranks above their competition. SEO is a tedious process if you wish to rank front page on google especially in competitive areas. The process includes formatting the webpage so that it is easily navigated, attaining natural links to your webpage from other websites with similar content, and having a real estate blog with unique content constantly posting quality information. On top of all of this you will need a page designated to ranking for your most competitive keyword. For example, this page should be called “Raleigh Real Estate” or “Chicago Real Estate” . This page should be filled with unique, quality, content as well as unique media such as videos that are also titled with the same competitive keyword.

The term “Organic SEO” comes from the idea that your business’ website should rank in Google search because it is a quality resource. Some SEO ‘specialists’ believe that SEO is a process involving beating the system by paying for unnatural links and toying with meta tags. This however is not the best route to take if you want a solid ranking in google search. Our idea of SEO is 100% organic. We have found that producing a quality resource ends up beating out websites that have tried to beat Google’s algorithms. When you try to cheat Google’s algorithms your website will eventually get caught and your front page ranking will suddenly by torn down by the algorithm. On the other hand, organic rankings will stand the test of time and will remain front page as long as the information is kept fresh.

If you want to rank front page for a competitive keyword, organic is definitely the way to go. Any other methods could end up hurting your website in the long run. The most important part of organic SEO is quality, unique, content. When your resource contains quality content it will naturally gain links for your website. These are the natural links that are so valuable to  real estate/ realtor SEO. These links show google that other websites find your resource valuable. When trying to rank front page on google for real estate keywords, online authority is everything. the best way to get authority is through links which ,again, come from from quality content.


If you desire for your website to rank higher in Google search, feel free to reach out to our SEO specialist at He will be more than happy to respond and answer any questions you have about our processes and general SEO questions.

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