Real Estate SEO – Should a Real Estate Agency Hire Content Writers?

Real Estate SEO - Should a Real Estate Agency Hire Content Writers The most powerful part of real estate SEO is quality content. When I say quality there are a few specific qualities that I am referring to. Your content should be fresh (up to date). Keeping your content fresh will show Google’s algorithm that you are dedicated to keeping your content up to date. You should try to post something at least twice a week if not more. Having an ever growing resource on your real estate website is very important to ranking in Google search for a competitive keyword. The content on your website should be high quality. This means that it should be well written without any basic errors. If you want to rank for specific keywords the content should be written with somewhat of a strategy. It is important to format the content correctly so that Google can rank your resource page for the correct keywords.

Real Estate SEO – Should a Real Estate Agency Hire Content Writers?

Answering the question of: “Should a Real Estate Agency Hire Content Writers?”, depends on whether or not you or your agency have the time to dedicate to producing high quality content. Producing high quality content that ranks first page in Google search takes time, and requires you to sit and map out what to say in the article and how to format it so that keywords are placed correctly. This usually requires writers to sit down and focus on writing for an hour or two. For some, this time is readily available and they can take on the challenge of outranking competition with organic content on their own. For others it would be more profitable for them to outsource the work to an SEO copyrighting firm. This way the realtors can focus on earning the profit and the writers can focus on sending more clients their way.

Not only do realtors need content for their resource, media plays a big role as well. Media in the form of videos, photos, and virtual tours, are all powerful additions to a resource page for a realty website.  Media adds to the overall quality of your website that the Panda algorithm is searching for when ranking search results. Unique media catches the eyes of potential clients as well as other website owners who may even link to your resource page. Links to your webpage will increase traffic as well as help your resource gain authority with Google. The more authority the resource gains the higher it will rank in Google search. Videos should be professional and posted to YouTube, then embedded into the resource. Once the videos are embedded, the videos should be marketed on social media so they receive more views. More views equal a more powerful video. A more powerful video means more authority with google, and since the video is embedded into the resource the resource will also gain authority as well.

All of this writing and formatting is critical to ranking front page. If you believe that you have what it takes to produce a resource that will rank your website front page on Google, use these strategies as well as others from the Real Estate SEO main page to boost your rankings. If you have tried to write on your own and need assistance or just want to hire a content writer for your real estate resource, email our specialist at for more information. Our writers can create a real estate resource that will help your website climb the rankings for popular keywords in your area.


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