Real Pug Dog Snapchat Lens – Is it a Real Pug?

Snapchat lenses are constantly evolving and improving. The most recent snapchat lens is the first of its kind. 

The real pug dog snapchat lens filter allows you to become a real pug. A big question being asked about this lens is “is the pug real or animated?” The answer to this question is simple. It’s a real pug. The lens actually adds your face to a video of a pug. Below you will find an image of the pug snapchat lens filter along with a description of the lens. 

Real Pug Dog Snapchat Lens Filter

The real pug snapchat lens filter is the first of its kind. The lens takes your eyes and mouth and applies them to the face of a pug in a video. This lens can be activated by tilting your head to the side like a confused dog. Once activated, a video of the pug tilting it’s head plays with your face applied to the pug’s. This lens is really cool. I look forward to seeing similar lenses in the future. Comment below if you want to see more lenses like this. 

Happy Snapping!