Release Date for Log Horizon Season 3 Anime 2016

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Anime series are some of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. Millions of viewers watch anime shows every year. Every now and then there are anime shows that get so popular the director is obligated to release another season of the show just to profit a little more off of the buzz. One of the most popular anime shows currently is the television show Log Horizon. The second season of log horizon recently wrapped up and now fans are anxious for season 3 of log horizon to be aired. Below you will find the release date for log horizon season 3 in 2016.

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Log Horizon Season 3 Overview

Like many television shows these days, Log Horizon is based off of an anime novel series. In the series there are a number of characters ranging from mere mortals to immortal gods. In the novel series Log Horizon a number of different people are trapped in a virtual reality online game. So this game has become their real life. The characters team up to survive in the game which is called elder tale. The game gets kind of crazy at times but they do their best to survive. Season three of log horizon will continue the story. Below you will find some information regarding the release date of log horizon season 3. Or at least as  much information as we know so far.

Log Horizon Season 3 Release Date 2016 USA

We all know that log horizon season 3 is in demand but we do not know when the director of log horizon plans on releasing the show to the public. So unfortunately we do not have a hard date set on when log horizon season 3 will be released. However we have heard rumors of the third season of log horizon being released around the end of 2016. So this could mean November or December 2016, maybe even January 2016. Again there is no guarantee that season 3 will be released. However. We do need to let them know that season 3 of log horizon is in demand. Comment below if you are looking forward to seeing log horizon season 3.


30 thoughts on “Release Date for Log Horizon Season 3 Anime 2016”

  1. Totally cant wait for season 3 its killing me just waiting. Please release it soon a very huge fan been watching anime over 2 decade’s. Love the show keep it coming:)

  2. The second season was a letdown. Half the time it was following a bunch of kids in their relatively boring adventure. I hope season 3 will deal with the more significant issues the characters encounter.

  3. Log Horizon has been a huge inspiration for my own stories, setting it beside Star Wars and Avatar in my mind! It is without a doubt one of the best anime I have ever seen!
    Also, PLEASE Akatsuki needs to propose to Shiroe. or at least be a little direct. GM knows he’s far too distracted to notice otherwise!

  4. NEED SEASON 3 PLEASE… Watched the whole season 8times.. and still… giving me goosebumps… cant wait.. hope they release it soon…

  5. We absolutely need season 3, for there is so much more potential for the series. Me personally, I was hooked for every second.

  6. God, I’ve lost count how many times i’ve re-watched this anime. I’ve bought the DVD’s just to support the company and spread the word out. I currently know 289 anime lovers in my city that has the full DVD set. I really hope the make a season 3, been waiting for it since the end of season 2. But with all the legal issue (Tax Evasion) going on with the author or company, not sure who, I doubt it will be anytime soon. WHY!!!……. SOBS*. I really hope they can solve the issue and release the new season, come on, its highly demanded. I just finished watching season 1 again, currently starting season 2…….. AGAIN…… SIGH*. I’ve been itching to read the manga for quite some time now, been holding off and waiting for the 3rd season…… a really painful decision…… With all that said, lets just hope/pray/sacrifice/ritual offering or whatever and wait for the 3rd season to be announced…… PEACE OUT!!!

  7. the log horizon is not aired. i have a announcement in my country. the mangaka have a case of tax evasion.

  8. Creators are in trouble… they were just sentenced in a tax evasion case… season 3 will likely not happen… sorry yall!

  9. Please for the love of anime bring log horizon 3❣
    Love this anime best one I have seen in a while❣

  10. The tax evasion thing probably won’t impact anything. The company that makes and airs the anime won’t suffer because the creator was the one responsible for the tax evasion. He already paid it back and is still actively working on the LN, so no jail time. If anything, he’ll work even harder to make back the money he lost in court. Since the anime was super successful and has a potential to earn the companies far more money, I’d say season 3 is a shoe-in. We just have to wait for the LN to make more progress so they have more story to give us.

  11. Its almost Christmas when will Log horizon season three come out I’m dieing if it takes to much longer I will die

  12. Great show , it will really be a crime to not continue the show. 1 of the best I’ve seen in a while. Please make season 3!!!

  13. Everyone is waiting for log horizon season 3………it has an awesome combination of interest so we would like to watch it.

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