Rita Season 5 Netflix Renewal Status – Netflix Release Date

Rita Season 5 Netflix Renewal Status - Netflix Release Date

Netflix has done an incredible job of producing new original series such as Stranger Things, Ozark, and Disjointed. One of Netflix’s longer running original comedy series’, that was also aired on TV 2 in Denmark, is the show Rita. The fourth season of Rita recently made its debut on Netflix, satisfying subscribers hunger for more episodes… For now at least.

Here’s an overview of the Netflix original series Rita…

Rita Season 5 Netflix Renewal Status - Netflix Release Date

Rita is one of the few international comedy series streamed on Netflix. This Danish series depicts the life of a woman named, you guessed it, Rita. Rita is a school teacher who is absolutely adored by her many students. Despite her popularity amongst her students, Rita struggles to relate with her peers. There are currently four seasons of Rita available to stream on Netflix. As subscribers wrap up season four they will begin anticipating the release of season 5. The question “will Netflix renew Rita for season 5?” will be asked.

Will Netflix Renew Rita For Season 5?

As Netflix subscribers begin asking the big questions about the possibility of a fifth season of Rita, our team has set out to see how likely a fifth season actually is. To determine whether or not Netflix will renew Rita for a season 5, we must take a look at how Netflix subscribers have received the series. Even after four seasons of Rita, Netflix subscribers continue to pour on five star ratings and wonderful reviews. If it were up to subscribers, the series Rita would be renewed for season 5. There has been no official word from Netflix regarding the production or release of a fifth season of Rita, but I would be surprised if season five did not happen.

The question is when will Rita season 5 be on Netflix?

Rita Season 5 Netflix Renewal Status - Netflix Release Date

When Will Rita Season 5 be Released on Netflix?

In order to determine when Rita season 5 will make its debut on Netflix, we must take a look at how Netflix has handled the release of the previous three seasons of the show. If we can identify a pattern in this data we will be able to approximate a possible Netflix release date for Rita season 5. After reviewing the data it has been found that there has typically been a eighteen month period of time between seasons of Rita. If Rita season 5 follows this same trend we can expect to see season 5 available to stream on Netflix by July 19th, 2019.

Rita (season 5) should be available to stream on Netflix by July 19th, 2019.

Rita season 5 may be released on Netflix sooner than the above date… Comment below if you are excited to see Rita season 5 streaming on Netflix ASAP!

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  1. Love, love,love this show!!!! Rita and Hjordis are amazing!!!
    The director, producer and all the people that work on this show you do a spectacular piece each episode.

      1. We just finished watching season 4 in Australia and were so happy when it was made available here. Please bring them all back for another season. We absolutely love Rita and the rest of the cast. Understated acting at its finest!

      2. Love Rita! It’s addictive and refreshing! Hope they renew. It would be a shame not to! So much crap on tv now…this is a great series to watch.

    1. I absolutely love this show and want this to continue forever. I discovered this show while sick with the flu and just finished the last episode of 4. I love love this!

  2. Absolutely love the show and want to see season 5 as soon as possible. Please don’t make the fans wait another 18 months.

  3. Love love love that show. I hope they have a season five.

  4. The finale of season 4 was both heartbreaking and uplifting. It was a story of true redemption and the ending was perfect. I can’t imagine how season 5 would top this, but I hope I’m wrong.

    1. This show is exceptional in every way – story line – acting – character development. I can’t wait for season 5 to be streamed on Netflix.

  5. Season 4 was superb. The buildup to the last episode was sublime. The ending was perfect. I would love to see what the writers will do with successive seasons!

    1. Amen to this ❤️😃❤️ Many more Seasons!!! What an AWESOME Series ❤️😁 Love it, seems like an Understatement!!

  6. Rita is a great Danish production and I hope season Five happens quickly. I can’t wait to see how she dresses now that she has tossed all of her flannel!!

  7. We were pleasantly surprised when we discovered Rita for a 4th Season on Netflix. We loved the 1st three series and think the 5th is up to the same standard. The ending of the 4th should lead naturally into at least a 5th series. Can’t wait! Go for it!

  8. Was so pleasantly surprised by this excellent Danish program. The climatic ending of season four definately tied everything into a nice bow. That said, I could watch this show for as long as the producers wish to develop this amazing show and character. Millie is absolutely perfect as the enigmatic star! Netflix needs to add even more international shows of this caliber…

  9. I absolutely enjoy this series . Loved season 4 and can’t wait for more. Great acting, story line, and the messed up but lovable Rita. She is so relatable and well written. Please come back!

  10. We absolutely need to find out if the school Rita and Hjordis start will succeed and if Rita will ever give up her solitude and find someone to be really close to. (Maybe even cut down on the drinking.)

    Plus it’s such a treat to see kids LISTEN to their teachers and see teachers be allowed to impact the kids’ lives positively without being fired.

  11. Truly hope for season 5. Rita is a fascinating character, even more so now that we have had a glimpse into her past. The casting of high school Rita was brilliant.
    Please, please, please give us a season 5.

  12. This is a wonderful series!
    Would highly recommend, the writing and acting is fantastic, you quickly forget that it’s not in English:)
    Such a treat to watch, really fantastic…for those who haven’t seen it yet, enjoy!

  13. Por favor, 5ª temporada de Rita, … YA!!!
    Por favor, 5ª temporada de Rita, … YA!!!
    Por favor, 5ª temporada de Rita, … YA!!!
    Por favor, 5ª temporada de Rita, … YA!!!
    Por favor, 5ª temporada de Rita, … YA!!!
    Por favor, 5ª temporada de Rita, … YA!!!
    Por favor, 5ª temporada de Rita, … YA!!!
    Por favor, 5ª temporada de Rita, … YA!!!
    Por favor, 5ª temporada de Rita, … YA!!!
    Por favor, 5ª temporada de Rita, … YA!!!
    Por favor, 5ª temporada de Rita, … YA!!!
    Por favor, 5ª temporada de Rita, … YA!!!
    Por favor, 5ª temporada de Rita, … YA!!!
    Por favor, 5ª temporada de Rita, … YA!!!

  14. We love Rita, it is a fantastic show. We r keeping our fingers crossed that Netflix will make season 5.

  15. One of my favorite shows – and that’s saying a lot because there’s a lot of great television happening. I pray Netflix will invest in season 5 and beyond!

  16. Rita is absolutely splendid! It has it all: Superb acting and the story lines are beautifully put together. As an American, it is so good you forget your reading subtitles. Please don’t wait too long for season 5!

  17. Rita is absolutely splendid! It has it all: Superb acting and the story lines are beautifully put together. As an American, it is so good you forget your reading subtitles. Please don’t wait too long for season 5!

  18. Great show. Great acting. Good characters, good humor and tender stories.

  19. I d like to say that Rita seriiz changing my life in the last few days. Up to the point i m watching it in the tram, at work, with my Girlfriend.. Remotely on 2 devises. I was never close to dannish culture, i m totally far actually, but her role model has a real impact on me last days. Waiting for season 5. Greeting from Prague 🙂

  20. Stumbled across this show simply because the name Rita is awesome. Watched all four seasons in January and all Netflix to PLEASE continue with this series. Excellent.

  21. Very interesting and thought provoking series illustrating real life situations spiced with humor.
    But if netflix continues its trend of
    disappointing delays in streaming it’s shows, it’ll be only a matter of time before they become the new Blockbuster (extinction).

  22. Excellent written show and great acting. I enjoyed it very much. I am a definite fan.Please make a Season 5.

  23. This series is the only one I have ever had the patience to stick with in subtitles! A 5th season would be terrific!

  24. One of the best Netflix series.
    Please not another 18 month until the next season starts! And please more such series!

  25. Amazing show!! I am considering moving to Denmark because of this show!!! Beautiful show highlighting the importance of schools, children and adults alike!

  26. Love this show! Just finished season 4. The way they dipicted Rita forgiving herself was perfect. If the show ended now. That would be okay. But I would love a season 5!!

  27. Oh God Pleas Don’t make us wait till July of 2019! Good God- far too long and Rita would know well enough as well!

  28. Rita is truly an amazing series. We love it.
    It is so different from the usual. Please give us a Season 5. Please!

  29. Best TV series I’ve ever watched and I’m 70. Only thing is, it will be very difficult for the writers to come up with a sweeter ending than that of seasons 4 & 5. Very difficult, indeed!

  30. I am totally binging on this show! I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE Rita! Please renew season 5……. the characters are so rich, the plots engaging and real and the actors amazing. I can’t keep my eyes off of Rita sometimes. She has so much expression and realism. Please don’t end this odyssey.

  31. Rita is one of the most thought-provoking stories I’ve either watched or read in a long time. As an educator, and with several educators in our family, including our grad student daughter, this is an intriguing window into modern European education and culture. Well, if it’s truly realistic, of course. Please carry on, Netflix, and in a timely manner, so we don’t forget our ties to all these amazing characters.

  32. In love with this show! And reading the subtitles didn’t even bother me! It takes you from laughing to feeling pangs in your heart. Love Rita. And Hjordis and Uffe! 😁

  33. Yes, season 5 at the very least, please.
    I love the way education in Denmark is shown to be so egalitarian. We in North America have a lot to learn. And it is done with such interesting story lines!

  34. Excellent show, definitely want many more episodes. There is so much potential to keep this story rolling. It’s been my favourite show on Netflix and I watched season 4 in 2 days. So plan a lot more episodes!

  35. Rita is a wonderful show! I love every episode and hope for Season 5 to be released soon. There is nothing like it, just great!!!

  36. Rita is excellent on so many levels it would be sacrilege to stop at series 4. Bring on series 5!!!!!!

  37. We’re going through Rita withdrawl !!!! PLease hurry with seasons 5,6,7,8,9,………..etc, etc….!!!

  38. I am a teacher and I fell in love with this series!!! Netflix, Rita is a winning series but I don’t think I can wait until July of 2019! I am addicted to Rita!!!

  39. Please release immediately!! This is likely the best series that has been produced. The acting is superb. Please hurry!!

  40. Please please continue this series!! It has been my favorite show to watch in YEARS. I hope Netflix will continue to produce and widely release many more international shows of this high caliber.

  41. Rita fan here, all the way from India! Hoping for more seasons. I’ve got a girl crush on Mille Dinnesen, lol.

  42. As a Dutch fan of this show, I could only wish my country was capable of producing a show as good as this, but Rita is Danish. Maybe it’s an idea to do a bit of basic research before writing about a show?

  43. We love this show. So much fun to watch. A fresh and new show… Love the characters especially Rita and Hjardis.

  44. Love Rita! Absolutely brilliant! Hoping and praying for season 5! Great job to the cast and crew, bravo!

  45. Rita is an excellent show on many levels; I hope to quickly see a season 5.
    Each season builds on the complexity of character development — more distinctly European v. American, as each character has their inherent quirks and flaws, but in an organic vs. forced way of the American shows. Compassion and tolerance seem to be the overarching values, yet the writers create a tension between moral high ground and the messiness of ordinary people’s lives. One knows a show is successful when viewers tend toward ‘relationships’ with the characters, i.e, a (perhaps over) emotional identification that seeps into the ‘fabric’ of the series. Please, Netflix: Hurry up and deliver.

  46. We need more TV like this ! A fantastic cast storyline and character development . I’m a teacher in the USA and the issues we face are universal.
    Please don’t wait 18 months to release season five .

  47. Wife and I came across this show by accident. Now we are hooked. MAYBE we will be tired of Rita around Season 10. But in the mean time Season 5 is needed well before 7/2019. Hurry!

  48. Absolutely love this show and am hoping it will be renewed. Just the type of show I love watching on Netflix. Please don’t disappoint Rita fans and please don’t make us wait 18months!!!

  49. I stumbled upon the show late one night, from the first episode I was hooked. Rita is such an amazing show. I just finished all 4 seasons and now I don’t know what to do with my life. I hope they make a season 5..please Ker this show going!!! I love Rita and all the other characters.

  50. I’ve never seen a series show this entertaining, engaging and REAL, not fake Hollywood crap! I am so hooked on Rita and would be sad if this show was not renewed to season 5. All of the actors are good, especially Rita. LOVE this show!

  51. i love this show. even if i cant speak Danish i like to listen to the voices while i read the subtitles. the growth and crap this woman goes through,self inflicted or not, (and puts others through) is real life at its finest! Hjordis is fantastic!! Uffe, is also very very cool (best supporting male actor Winner winner). The development of the characters (Rita’s children, Lea and that Drama line,) are so carefully pieced together that you just have to play just one more episode even on a work night. and now that there is a new “road” she is travelling i would LOVE LOVE LOVE for there to be a Season 5…and 6 and 7 etc. please…The powers that be RENEW THIS SHOW.

  52. I just finished bawling at the season finale of Season 4! I do so hope there will be a Season 5! Please Netflix!!!

  53. I just finished bawling after the finale of Season 4!! I so hope there will be a Season 5! Please Netflix!!

  54. Rita is a heartwarming series. if i could meet the cast in person, i would thank each for their wonderful acting. The story and script are brilliant. My only regret was when season 4 came to a close. Mille Dinesen is brilliant. please produce season 5.

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