Run Sausage Run! High Score, Cheats, and More!

The newest hit game on the Apple App Store is Run Sausage Run. This endless arcade game is sort of silly but is super easy to play and very addictive. Run Sausage Run made it all the way to the top free game on the Apple App Store.

Must be pretty good…

How to Play Run Sausage Run!

Run Sausage Run is a very fun and addictive game. When you open the game you will be presented with this screen :

Run Sausage Run! High Score, Cheats, and More!

To start the game you will simply tap on the screen. When you do this your Sausage will begin walking. To make your Sausage run in  Run Sausage Run, woah tongue twister, you simply tap and hold on the screen. Not only does tapping the screen make your sausage run. It also makes your sausage bend backwards allowing you to duck under obstacles that are out to slice, dice, and smash you. The object of the game is to make it as far as you can without getting cut in half, cooked, or smashed by the obstacles.

check out this screenshot…

Looks scary right.

Don’t worry, there are power ups that will help you avoid these obstacles if need be. It is up to you to keep your sausage from being mutilated by the obstacles. Below you will find some ways that you can score higher on Run Sausage Run.

How To Score Higher in Run Sausage Run!

The game play for Run Sausage Run is very simple and allows for anyone to master the game and get the high score. When the game starts your sausage will begin walking. Tapping and holding the screen will make your sausage run and bend backwards. Some obstacles will require your sausage to bend over to make it underneath while others will require you to simply run quickly past at the right time.

The best strategy to help improve your high score and beat your friends at Run Sausage Run is to be patient. Take the game one obstacle at a time. Do not run through multiple obstacles at once because you will end up in a bad situation where neither running or walking will help you make it. As soon as you get to neutral ground where your sausage cannot be harmed by the obstacle, stop running and let your sausage walk to the next obstacle. This will help you get the high score for Run Sausage Run.

Speaking of high scores…

What is The Highest Score Ever on The Run Sausage Run Mobile Game?

There have been a number of very impressive scores scored in the game Run Sausage Run; however, there can only be one high score. The highest score ever scored in the mobile game Run Sausage Run is 15,301.

The current High Score for Run Sausage Run is 15,301.

Comment below if you have scored or seen a score higher than the score above in Run Sausage Run so that we can update the record.

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