Small Business SEO – What is Organic SEO?

Small Business SEO - What is Organic SEO?Small Business SEO

When it comes to marketing your small business you have numerous options. You could use social media, billboards, even flyers. By far, the most profitable form of marketing for your small business is web marketing; specifically Organic SEO. When a small business invests into organic SEO, they are investing into a service that will help gain hundreds of customers. What exactly is organic SEO?

Small Business SEO – What is Organic SEO 

Organic SEO, for small businesses, is a collection of services that will help acquire a higher ranking in search naturally. Natural search rankings are the best way to rank in Google search for two reasons. One, they will last longer and two, they will rank higher than rankings that used unnatural processes.

Organic SEO will help rank your small business front page for a number of keywords. For example, if a local bike shop is currently ranking on the second page of Google search for the keyword “bicycle repair in Columbia”, your business is not receiving much traffic. After the application of organic search engine optimization to the business’ website, not only will the site be ranked front page for “bicycle repair in Columbia” it will also rank for many other related keywords. This is because our process is similar to fishing. Our strategy is to post a number of quality blog posts relating to different keywords related to your industry, then having a direct line from the post to the business’ website. The entire process is done without the use of artificial links that could cause the website to be demoted to page five or below. Our links occur naturally and will create an organic ranking that will not be penalized by Google’s algorithms.

If you are interested in improving your small business’ ranking in Google search, feel free to email us at . Feel free to ask any questions you have about our processes. To read more about organic small business SEO, CLICK HERE 

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