Tips and Strategies – How To Get The Biggest Snake With The Most Mass in is a game that looks very similar to the game; however, there are a few differences. In this article I will be discussing how to play, some tips and strategies, and even how to get the biggest snake with the most mass in First we will start off with how to play this game. Tips and Strategies - How to get the biggest snake in

How to Play 

When you first download you will notice that it looks very similar to the hit game The main differences in and is the controls and the difficulty of the game. In you can play for hours and never make the leader board. Some people say that this was due to the touchy controls. In the controls are much easier to use. You will find that you are in much more control of your snake in The object of the game in is exactly the same as in You will need to collect dots to gain mass and get a bigger, longer, snake. In the bottom left hand corner of the screen is a joystick that allows you to control the direction that your  snake is traveling. On the right there is a button that allows you to boost your snake. When you start your first game in you will notice that the speed of play is much faster than This makes it a little more intense and more fun to some. The higher speed of play and easier controls makes it easier to kill other snakes and get a higher mass. To kill a snake you need to maneuver your snake so that the opponents snake’s head will run into the side of your snake. After this happens, the opponents snake will explode into large dots that will increase your mass greatly when eaten. Some people complain that this game is too easy to get good at and it leads to one giant snake that covers the whole map. The only change I would like to see is a larger playing surface so that larger snakes do not take up the entire map. Below you will find an example of a large snake that takes up most of the map.

Biggest Snake With The Most Mass in Tips and Strategies

After playing for a few days now, I have found that there are a few different moves you can employ to help you kill more snakes and get the biggest mass. Once you have the biggest mass you can play it safe and dominate all the other snakes. The first tip I have is to use the boost; but use it wisely. When you use the boost, your snake will increase speed. However, there are some cons to this speed. The first con is that you will lose mass as you use the boost. The longer you boost, the more mass you loose. Another con is that you will be traveling so fast that it is likely you may run into another snake and be forced to start over. When you use the boost you must first set up your snake so you can use a quick boost and cut off a larger snake. Another tip I have for you is to use your snakes body as a shield. This tip is for defense. You can make a circle with your snakes body and then if another snake comes to try to kill you by cutting you off, you can just go into the circle within your body without risk of getting killed. Tips and Strategies – How to Get the Biggest Snake With The Most Mass

In the game the object of the game is to get the most amount of mass as quickly as possible. You increase the size and mass of your snake by eating colorful dots. You can increase your mass by eating the colorful dots that are randomly scattered around the screen, or you can kill other snakes. When you kill another snake in they will explode releasing all their mass. When this happens, you can slide in and scoop up all the mass and increase the size of your snake. You must be careful though because all the other snakes are trying to kill you too.

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