SnakeVSBlock Tips and Strategies – What is The Highest Score on SnakeVSBlock?

Mobile games have evolved greatly since their early days. Games such as Angry Birds have paved the way for today’s hit games. Today, games are much more simple and easier to fit into a busy day of school or work. Game producers such as Ketchapp and Voodoo. One of the newest hit games to make its debut on the App Store is the game Snake vs. Block.

SnakeVSBlock Game Description

SnakeVSBlock Tips and Strategies - What is The Highest Score on SnakeVSBlock?
Snake Vs. Block is a great game for any android or iOS user who enjoys easy, fast paced games that are sure to entertain them for hours, or just a few seconds, depending on how much time they have. Snake Vs. Block is currently ranked as the tenth most popular free app on the App Store. Snake Vs. Block is a perfect blend of two hit games from the past. Snake Vs. Block combines the game Ballz, with the game or; whichever you are more familiar with. Snake Vs. block is a very challenging game that requires a good amount of focus as well as a quick finger. You will only need your thumb to play Snake Vs. Block. Below you will find some instructions on how to play Snake Vs. Block correctly.

How to Play SnakeVSBlock on iPhone

When you open the Snake Vs. Block game you will be presented with a screen that looks like this:

SnakeVSBlock Tips and Strategies - What is The Highest Score on SnakeVSBlock?
To start your first game you will simply tap the screen with you finger. Once you have done so, the game will begin. The object of the game is to make it as far as possible before your snake is destroyed by the blocks. As your snake moves forward, blocks will be scattered in your path. The goal is to choose the path of least destruction to preserve your snake for as long as possible.

How to Play SnakeVSBlock on iPhone
As you can see in the screenshot above, there are different color blocks labeled with different numbers scattered around the screen. If your snake collides with a block, it will remove segments from your snake. The number on the block determines how many segments will be removed. In some cases there will be blocks blocking the entire width of the screen. In this case, you must be sure to collide with the block with the lowest number labeled on it. That way you limit the number of segments lost during the collision. As you move forward you will also see small dots that are also labeled with numbers. These dots will actually add segments to your snake. It is important to try to extend the length of your snake as much as possible so that you can make it through more blocks if needed. As you move forward in this game it will become increasingly difficult to continue further. Below we will share some tips and strategies to get a higher score in Snake Vs. Block.

SnakeVSBlock Tips and Strategies  How To Score Higher in SnakeVSBlock

As with most mobile games, there are a number of tips and tricks that you may employ in your gameplay that will allow you to score higher and maybe even beat the high score. In the case of Snake Vs. Block, there are a few different tips and strategies that we are willing to share that will allow you to achieve higher scores. The first tip will help if you get yourself into a sticky situation. If you accidentally find your snake colliding with a block with an extremely high number, you can still move your snake to the left or right. What I mean by this is that there could be a block with a lower number to the left or right that will limit the number of segments removed from your snake. If you have the opportunity to save even a single segment, take it. The second tip I have to share with you is to not be too greedy. Sometimes trying to get every dot that extends your snake can lead to you being baited into colliding with a block with an abnormally large number. Be sure that you keep your eyes on the blocks and do not attempt to capture every dot. Doing so may limit your high score. Below you will find the highest score recorded on Snake Vs. Block.

What is The Highest Score in SnakeVSBlock?

Snake VS. Block is a very tough game that requires quick reactions and strategy. There are a number of great scores out there that impress even the most dedicated mobile gamers out there. Despite this, there can only be one top score on Snake Vs. Block. The highest score currently recorded in the game Snake VS. Block is 1205. Comment below if you have scored or seen scores higher than this and we will update the page with the new highest score!

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  1. I just got done a game and scored 4,443. It took over 20 minutes to play. My previous high was 2,938.

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