Snapchat And The Movies – Snapchat Being Used to Promote Movies

Snapchat And The Movies - Snapchat Being Used to Promote MoviesSnapchat has become an extremely popular social network as it continues to gain more and more popularity. It started out as just an app that let users send pictures to friends that could only be viewed for between one and ten seconds. Since then, snapchat has added videos, stories, filters, lenses, and even trophies for users to earn. Snapchat has also turned out to be a great marketing tool for businesses to promote products. Recently, snapchat has become a popular promotion tool for movie productions. Movies have promoted on snapchat before with filters that promote the release date of the movie, but movies are now creating their own snapchat accounts and giving fans the ability to get a behind the scenes look at the movie.

Snapchat And The Movies – Snapchat Being Used to Promote Movies 

If you have been to a movie theater recently, you know that there are a number of great movies being released in the next couple of months. These movie’s trailers are played before the feature presentation at movie theaters. At the end of some of these filters you will notice that you can follow the official snapchat account for the movie. This is a brilliant marketing technique for the production companies to employ.  A large number of customers at movie theaters have a snapchat account and actively use the app on their mobile devices. If a production company creates a snapchat account to promote the release of a movie, they are likely to get a good following on their snapchat account. Then, once the following is created, the production company can post updates on their snapchat story that will be viewed by tens of thousands of potential viewers of the movie. The interest in the movie that is created by continuously exposing potential viewers to short snippets of the movie will lead to increased ticket sales once the movie is released.

Another way that movies benefit from snapchat is filters. On the night of a movie release, movie production companies can pay for a sponsored filter that promotes the movie. These filters are valuable because when people go to see the movie, they will likely use the filter on snaps they send to their friends and family. When the friends and family see the filter that promotes the movie release it will make them think: “I kind of want to go see that”, and this will lead to an increased number of ticket sales. It is all about subliminal messaging. The more people are exposed to the idea of a movie the more likely they are to go see the movie for themselves.

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Snapchat And The Movies - Snapchat Being Used to Promote Movies


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