Snapchat Birthdays – How Does Snapchat Know It’s My Birthday?

Snapchat is a mobile app that allows people to send each other pictures and videos that can only be viewed once and only for a short period of time. These “snaps” can be edited by the sender before they are sent. They can have Filters or Lenses added to them.

Snapchat Birthdays - How Does Snapchat Know It's My Birthday?

Snapchat is loaded with tons of new features that were not available on the original snapchat app. Features such as filters, lenses, video chat, audio call, notes, and even stickers have all been added to the snapchat app. Snapchat even changes its whole interface on your birthday. How does snapchat know it’s your birthday? In this article you will find the answer to that question. Continue reading for the answer to the question “How does snapchat know it’s my birthday?”

How Does Snapchat Know It’s My Birthday?

Snapchat has evolved from a small social app to a booming social platform used by millions of users. The app is free to download on the app store and asks a few different questions when you create your account. Some questions are optional while others are mandatory. As you continue to use snapchat, the app will slowly amass data about you. On your birthday you will find a number of features on snapchat that are out of the ordinary. You will have your own birthday snapchat lens, birthday snapchat filter, and there will be a cake emoji next to your username on all your friends’ phones. When you see the birthday cake emoji next to a username that means that it is their birthday. But how does snapchat know it is your birthday? The answer to this question is quite simple. At some point during the creation of your current snapchat profile, you entered your birthday  into a text box. Snapchat needs your birthday so that it can provide you with extra features on your birthday. Snapchat wants to give you a gift for your birthday so they give you some unique features. Be sure to check out these snapchat features on your birthday. Now you know how snapchat knows it’s your birthday.

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