Snapchat Filter – What is A Trip to Unicorn Island Snapchat Filter

Snapchat has posted a filter every day for three days now. Today the filter is a sponsored filter. This means the filter was paid for in order to promote something. This time, that something is a trip to unicorn island. A trip to unicorn island is a YouTube series that is being released today, February tenth. This is the first series and movie to be released on YouTube. The show movie will be available to watch on YouTube red which is the paid subscription to YouTube. YouTube red also allows you to listen I videos while using other applications on a mobile device. YouTube red costs $10 a month.

A Trip to Unicorn Island Snapchat Filter Overview

The trip to unicorn island filter is on the basic side of the spectrum. The filter consists of a rainbow that starts in the bottom left corner, and bends off the screen then renters the screen in the top left corner. The rainbow continues across the top of the filter. Also on the top of the filter is some text in gold font that reads “a trip to unicorn island.” The “I” in unicorn is a unicorn horn. There is also a paper airplane flying around the letters of the word “island.” In the bottom of the filter in the center there is a white YouTube red logo. Be sure to check out the trailer for the movie on YouTube today February 10th.

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