Snapchat Filter- Cinco De Mayo Snapchat Filter 2016

There are a number of different snapchat filters for almost any holiday you can think of. Holidays big and small have their own snapchat filters so that snapchat users can celebrate. Below you will find a description of the cinco de mayo snapchat filter along with an image of the filter. 

Cinco De Mayo Sbapchat Filter Overview 

The cinco de mayo snapchat filter allows snapchat users to celebrate the holiday by decorating their snaps. You may see a number of snaps taken at Mexican reaturants with the cinco de mayo snapchat filter applied. The filter consists of some Mexican style print around the edges of the filter. In the bottom right hand corner of the lens is some Mexican themed text that reads “cinco de mayo”. Give this filter a try today to celebrate cinco de mayo. 

Happy Snapping! 

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