Snapchat Filter – Perkasie, Pennsylvania Snapchat Filter

Snapchat users in every major city have the ability to apply snapchat filters to allow people to know where they are. However, different filters are popping up everyday in new and exciting places. In this article I will be discussing the snapchat filter that is available in a suburb of Philadelphia, Perkasie, Pennsylvania.

Perkasie, Pennsylvania is a suburb of the Capital city of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Perkasie is also about 30 miles north of Philadelphia and is located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Perkasie Pennsylvania is also close to Allentown and is just a short drive away. Below you will find a description of the Perkasie, Pennsylvania snapchat filter along with a image of it.

Perkasie, Pennsylvania Snapchat Filter Overview

Recently, as snapchat filters are becoming more widespread, more filters are becoming available in suburbs and not just big and major cities like it was a few months back. In Perkasie, Pennsylvania snapchat users have the ability to add a unique snapchat filter on their snaps. This filter allows others to know where they are. The Perkasie, Pennsylvania snapchat filter consists of a large logo on the top of the screen. The main focus of the filter is the name “Perkasie” written in semi-large letters in a unique font, in orange. The filter also includes two triangles turned on their sides. Each of these triangles rest underneath “Perkasie”. The triangles are both blue, one of them is a grayish blue, and the other in a darker blue. This filter looks really nice applied to any snap. Next time you are in or around Perkasie, Pennsylvania make sure to give this filter a try!

Snapchat Filters - Perkasie, Pennsylvania Snapchat Filter

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