Snapchat Filters – Austin, Texas Snapchat Filter

As days go by, snapchat has been accumulating more and more snapchat geofilters designed for major cities, attractions and even suburbs. In this article, I will discuss the snapchat filter that is available in Austin, Texas.

Austin, is the capital city of Texas. It is also the home to the University of Texas at Austin, go longhorns. Austin is known to be a very desirable place to live, with many attractions and nice neighborhoods. Austin, Texas is also home to the South by Southwest festival, abbreviated SXSW. This is a music festival and is visited by residents and visitors every year. Below you will find a description of the Austin, Texas snapchat filter along with a picture of it.

Austin, Texas Snapchat Filter Overview

This filter is elaborate and fit for the city it is located in. The snapchat filter in Austin, Texas consists of a large logo located at the bottom of the screen, and an underlay of a pattern that rises to half of the screen. The bottom logo reads “Austin, TX” in all capital letters. The letters are all in different colors including orange, green, pink, purple, and yellow. The letters are in a font that makes them look a little industrial to represent the city. Behind these letters, is a plaid and argyle looking font that reaches to the middle of the screen. This filter will look amazing on any picture you could take. Wether it be at the SXSE festival in TX, and the University of Texas at Austin, or anything else you could think of in Austin, this filter will definitely be perfect for showing friends where you are!

Snapchat Filters - Austin, TX Snapchat Filter

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