Snapchat Filters – Black History Month Snapchat Filter

Snapchat Filters - Black History Month Snapchat FilterThe month of February is celebrated as black history month. Black history month is a month dedicated to honor the lives of African Americans who made a big contribution to the world we live in today. Celebrated figures include: Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, Barack Obama, and many others. In honor of this celebration of African American success, snapchat released a filter for people to mark the occasion. This filter will be popular with people who are celebrating the history that African Americans have made in their lifetimes.

Black History Month Snapchat Filter Overview

The black history month snapchat filter is a basic filter. The filter consists of a small text box in the bottom center of the screen. Within the text box there is some bold black text that reads “BLACK HISTORY Month”. In the background of the text box there is an assortment of different shades of different color triangles that make up the rectangular text box.  The triangles are different shades of red, blue, yellow and green. Some of the triangles are even black. The entire text box takes up about a quarter of the bottom of the screen and is completely opaque. The rest of the filter is transparent allowing the image or video taken with the app to show through.

How to Get The Black History Month Snapchat Filter

In order to get this filter you will need to have internet connection and the snapchat app downloaded onto your mobile device. To apply the filter to a snap you will first take a video or photo then swipe to either the left or right to get to the black history month snapchat filter. Once the filter is applied you can either add another filter, draw on the snap, or just send it with the one filter.

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Snapchat filters - black history month snapchat filter

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