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Cities all around the globe have been recieveing  geofilters that represent their city. Most countries now have at least one filter. In this article I will discuss the snapchat filter that is available in Calgary, Canada.

Calgary is located in the province of Alberta. Calgary is also located near the Canadian Rockies. Calgary is known as the largest city in the province of Alberta. One interesting fact about Calgary is it became the first Canadian city  to have the olympics. Calgary is also close to the two rivers that run through the city. These rivers are known as the Bow River and the Elbow River. Below you will find a description of the snapchat filter that is available in Calgary, Canada and an image of it.

Calgary, Canada Snapchat Filter Overview

The Calgary, Canada snapchat filter consists of a small logo at the top right of the screen and a large logo at the bottom of the screen. The logo at the top of the screen is the words “Calgary” in red in all lowercase. Above the ‘y’ in the word are three mountain ranges. The bottom logo is full of color and excitement. It show too mountains with a valley in between. The mountains are very artistic; colored in neon and pastels and almost look like paint splatters. This filter is made to look like a painting.  regardless of what you are taking a picture of, this filter will look great! If you happen to be in or around Calgary, Canada, make sure to check out this cool filter!

Snapchat Filters - Calgary, Canada Snapchat Filter

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