Snapchat Filters – Can You Not Snapchat Filter

Snapchat filters have been releasing like crazy in recent days. In the month of March and April in 2016, a number of snapchat filters were released for both holidays, and to promote the new snapchat filter.

Part of the new snapchat update was the addition of snapchat stickers. Stickers are similar to emojis. There are hundreds upon hundreds of snapchat stickers that you can add to messages in snapchat. There are three main characters; a sloth, a dog, and a cat. These characters can be caught doing a number of things. There are also snapchat stickers that simply state a saying. Some of the sayings are sassy while others are nice and friendly. These snapchat stickers have been converted into snapchat filters to promote the update. Below you will find a description of the Can You Not snapchat filter along with an image of the filter.

Can You Not Snapchat Filter Overview 

The can you not snapchat filter is a promotion for the new snapchat update. The filter is available to all snapchat users across the country. The can you not snapchat filter consists of a number of light pink cartoon doodle hearts. The hearts are located in the corners of the snapchat filter. The hearts are various sizes. In the bottom left hand corner of the snapchat filter there is a larger heart with some grey text inside of it. The text reads “Can You Not” This filter is a fun addition to snaps that you send to your friends.

Snapchat Filters - Can You Not Snapchat Filter

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