Snapchat Filters – Cat Sitting On Cloud Snapchat Filter

Snapchat filters have been released for a number of occasions. Occasions with snapchat filters include holidays, movie releases, cars, and even just for fun. Some of the most recent snapchat filters have been promoting the new snapchat update.

Snapchat recently went through an update that allows snapchat users to access a number of new features. Features include, notes, audio call, and an improved live video chat feature. The update also included hundreds of new snapchat stickers, these stickers are similar to emojis but more specific and humorous. There are three main characters that make up the snapchat stickers. A sloth, a dog, and a cat, are the main characters included in the snapchat stickers. Below you will find a description of the Cat sitting on cloud snapchat filter along with a picture of the filter.

Cat Sitting On Cloud Snapchat Filter Overview

The cat sitting on cloud snapchat filter allows snapchat users to add one of the snapchat stickers to their normal snaps. Usually the stickers are only available on the messaging part of the app. Filters have made some select stickers available on the regular snaps. The Cat sitting on cloud with flowers snapchat filter consists of a snapchat sticker in the bottom left hand corner of the filter. You will find a cartoon cat sitting on what appears to be a cloud or a flower. The cat has a white body, a tan face with black whiskers and brown eyes. The cat has pink round ears. Scattered around the cat there are pink flowers with yellow centers. This filter is one of the few snapchat stickers that has been featured on a filter.

Snapchat Filters - Cat Sitting On Cloud Snapchat Filter

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