Snapchat Filters – Cheers Snapchat Sticker Filter

The most recent snapchat update included a number of new features for snapchat users to use. New features on the new snapchat update include audio calls, improved video chat, audio and video notes, and even snapchat stickers. Snapchat stickers have also been turned into filters to promote the update.

Snapchat sticker filters have been created for a number of different snapchat stickers. One of the most popular snapchat sticker filters was the “can you not snapchat filter”. This filter was used many times by snapchat users who wanted to add a little extra to their snaps. The most recent snapchat sticker filter was the Cheers snapchat filter. Below you will find a description of the cheers snapchat sticker filter along with an image of the filter applied.

Cheers Snapchat Sticker Filter Overview

The cheers snapchat sticker filter allows snapchat users to add a snapchat sticker to their snapchat pictures and videos. The filter consists of the cheers snaphat sticker over top of the snapchat filter. In the top left hand corner of the filter is the word cheers in white font. There are rainbow lines coming from either side of the white font. Below the white font there is a number of gold stars that are lopsided. The lopsided stars create the effect that they are hand drawn.

cheers snapchat sticker filter

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