Snapchat Filters – Columbia, South Carolina Snapchat Filter

Snapchat users in every major city have the ability to apply snapchat filters that let people know where they are. Snapchat has released Geo filters that are only available in certain cities. In this Article I will be discussing the snapchat filter that is available in The capital of South Carolina; Columbia.

In Columbia, South Carolina there are a number of different things to do. There are a restaurants on every corner, minor league baseball, and even the University of South Carolina which also has its own snapchat filter. The Columbia, SC snapchat filter is available anywhere in Columbia, you don’t need to be right in downtown. If you are within a few blocks of the city limit this filter will be available to you. If it is not, it is due to your service and your location services being turned off. Below you will find a description of the Columbia, South Carolina Snapchat filter along with an image of it.

Columbia, South Carolina Snapchat Filter Overview

In Columbia, South Carolina snapchat users have the ability to use a unique snapchat filter on their snaps. This filter will show other snappers where they are. The Columbia SC snapchat filter consists of a small logo in the bottom third of the screen. The logo pays homage to the state flag of South Carolina by incorporating the colors of the flag as well as the palm and moon. There is a navy silhouette of the state of South Carolina with a white palm tree and white moon. Below the silhouette there is some navy text that reads “Columbia, SC.” This filter looks really good when applied to any snaps. So next time you visit Columbia SC, be sure to use this filter on your snapchat story.

Snapchat Filters - Columbia, South Carolina Snapchat Filter

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