Snapchat Filters – Damnnn Daniel Snapchat Filter With Video

Snapchat Filters - Damnnn Daniel Snapchat Filter Snapchat released a new snapchat filter today that pays tribute to a video that has recently gone viral on social media. The video portrays “Daniel” walking around wearing a number of outfits. The video was a compilation of videos taken over the course of a few days. Each video shows Daniel walking by. Each day the person filming the video clips says the phrase “Damn Daniel.” When he says this he uses a voice that is very unique and catchy. Toward the end of the video, Daniel wears the same white vans two days in a row. On the second day the person filming says “Damn Daniel, back at it again with those white vans.” Over the past weekend this video has become extremely popular. People all around the country have been using the phrase with their friends as a joke. Now this can be done on snapchat just by adding the Damn Daniel snapchat filter.

Damnnn Daniel Snapchat Filter Overview

The Damn Daniel snapchat filter is one that will be sent by people everywhere. I predict that the filter will be most heavily used by younger demographics. The filter consists of Only two words and a cartoon representation of Daniel’s white vans. The filter takes up the bottom third of the screen. Along the bottom of the filter is the word “Daniel!” in bold white font. Above the word Daniel there is a cartoon representation of Daniel’s white vans and some legs. Around the shoes there are some red arrows pointing to the shoes. The socks are classic socks with two horizontal red lines. The legs appear to be wearing blue jeans tucked underneath the socks. To get the Damn Daniel snapchat filter you will need an internet connection and your mobile device. After you take a photo or video you can swipe to the left to apply the filter. This filter will likely be used by kids and young adults who are making their own versions of the video. The original video can be viewed here:

Give the filter a try for yourself.

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Happy Snapping!