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Nearly all of the major cities in the United States have a unique and special snapchat filter to represent their city. As snapchat filters are becoming increasingly more popular, more and more places are having these geofilters added to their list. In this article, I will discuss the snapchat filter that is available in Detroit, Michigan.

Detroit is the largest city in the state of Michigan, beating out Michigan’s capital city of Lansing by a landslide. Detroit is also known for being the largest city on the Canadian border and for its many industries. There are many fun and exciting things do to in Detroit and even after declaring bankruptcy, the city still attracts many people each year. The Detroit Institute of Arts is one of the most visited tourists sites in the city as well as Comerica ball park.  There are many reasons why this city is inviting for people!

Detroit, Michigan Snapchat Filter Overview

This snapchat geofilter is very detail oriented and represents the city of Detroit in many ways. The filter consists of a large logo at the bottom of the screen. To the left in the back, is a round circle, which appears to be a sun, with “Detroit” in all caps arced around it. In front of the circle is a red and blue car on a road leading to the city logo. The city in the snapchat filter consists of many buildings and clouds. This snapchat geofilter of Detroit, MI does a great job of representing the city in which it is located and has many details. If you are ever in or around Detroit, make sure to snap a pic, put this filter on it and send it to your friends!

Snapchat Filters - Detroit, Michigan Snapchat Filter

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