Snapchat Filters – How to Get the DJ Khaled Another One Christmas 2015 Filter

Snapchat Filters - DJ Khaled Another One Christmas 2015 FilterThis past holiday season Snapchat released a new filter. This filter is a collection of some of the biggest pop culture events and people of 2015. The filter consists of reindeer posing as people and characters from different events. In the center of the filter there is a bold white “2015” that is surrounded by the reindeer. The background has sixties style snow falling from above the scene. There are also a few assorted presents of different sizes and colors. Below you will find a description of each of the different themed characters in the filter.

The Dress Reindeer Snapchat Filter

The Dress Snapchat FilterThe dress debacle caused a lot of controversy across the nation on social media. The dress, to some, looked blue and black but to others it looked white and gold. The controversy was created because of peoples perception of the colors. Some saw it simply as a black and blue dress. While others saw a shiny white dress reflecting a blue sky. The dress turned out to be blue and black but both sides had reasoning behind their opinion.

Shark Snapchat Filter

Katy Perry Shark Snapchat Filter

The Snapchat filter for Christmas 2015 also features some dancing sharks from last seasons super bowl. The sharks were part of Katy Perry’s halftime performance and sparked a short lived obsession in the United States. The Sharks were featured in television commercials and memes. There were even costumes that were designed to be the same as the sharks.

Kim Kardashian Reindeer Snapchat Filter

Kim Kardashian Snapchat Filter

Even Kim Kardashian makes an appearance in the Christmas Snapchat filter. She is represented by a reindeer wearing a pearl necklace who is holding a champagne bottle that is pouring over the reindeer’s body into a glass balanced on its rear end. This is supposed to represent the viral photo shoot done with Kim Kardashian earlier this year.

Hotline Bling Reindeer Snapchat Filter

Hotline Bling Snapchat FilterHotline bling took off recently on social media and makes it onto the Christmas Snapchat filter. This song is known for its music video with its creator, Drake, showing off some unique dance moves. These dance moves have been the subject of many memes. The song has also caught on and is has become fairly popular. Hotline Bling is represented by a reindeer showing off similar moves to Drake. The reindeer is wearing a red sweater and red santa pants. He also has a white beard similar to the style of Drake.

Dabbing Reindeer Snapchat Filter 

Dab Snapchat FilterThere have been a few popular dance moves that have gone viral this year. Including; the whip, the quan, and now the dab. This move has become extremely popular with college and professional football players. Players who have helped make the dab popular include Odell Beckham Jr. and Cam Newton. This popular trend is represented by two reindeer dabbing wearing a red ribbon with a bell around their neck, on either side of DJ Khaled.

DJ Kaled Snapchat Christmas Filter 

DJ Khaled Christmas 2015 Snapchat FilterThe center piece of the filter is the recently gone viral DJ Khaled. Made famous by his hit song “All I do is Win”, DJ Khaled has enjoyed plenty of success. He has recently been posting his “keys” to success by posting talks on his Snapchat story. He is represented by himself wearing a Santa hat and a red Santa Hoodie. He is wearing a few gold chains and he is holding up his pointer finger. Above him is some text that reads “Another One” which is what he says when he posts a new key to success.

How to Get This Filter

To use the Christmas filter you just swipe left once. You can only add this filter to photos that you take on the snapchat app itself.

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