Snapchat Filters – Easter Snapchat Filter 2016

Easter 2016 is here and as predicted a new filter has been released for snapchat users to mark the event. Along with the filter, an Easter bunny snapchat lens has also been released so that snapchat users can turn themselves into the Easter bunny.

Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Today the holiday has evolved into a celebration of new life. Symbols of Easter include a cross with a purple cloth draped over it, an Bunny, Chicks, Newborn animals, and Eggs. Around the country people celebrate Easter by attending Easter egg hunts, getting together with family, going to church services, and eating an Easter meal. Below you will find a description of the Easter Snapchat Filter as well as a picture of the filter.

Easter Snapchat Filter 2016 Overview

The Easter snapchat filter 2016 consists of a number of different symbols that represent Easter, new life, and spring. The Easter snapchat filter consists of a small Easter basket in the bottom right hand corner of the filter. Inside the basket there are some assorted Easter eggs, and flowers. There is also a little white Easter bunny inside of the Easter basket with a smile on his face. To the right of the Easter Basket there is a Blue Easter egg with a little yellow chick hiding behind it. To the far left of the Easter basket there is a purple Easter egg with another white Easter bunny hiding behind it. This snapchat filter will be used heavily throughout Easter Sunday. If you are using snapchat this Easter make sure that you apply the Easter Basket Snapchat Filter to your snaps to mark the occasion.

Snapchat Filters - Easter Snapchat Filter 2016

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