Snapchat Filters – Election Day Going Down on a Tuesday Snapchat Filter

Today is Primary Election in North Carolina. Hundreds of thousands of people will be heading to the polls today to cast their vote. To mark this occasion, snapchat has released a few different snapchat filters for voters to apply to their snaps.

It’s Election Day Snapchat Filter

The its election day snapchat filter was released by snapchat the morning of the primary elections. This filter is going to be used by thousands of snapchat users as they head to the polls today. The it’s election day snapchat filter consists of a red oval with a small basketball at either far end. The rest of the oval’s perimeter is surrounded by small white stars. Above the oval and stars there is some bold blue and white text that reads “it’s election day.” Don’t be surprised if you see this filter from your friends as they head to the polls.

its election day snapchat filter
Goin’ Up on a Tuesday Snapchat Filter

The second of the filters released on primary election day is the goin’ up on a Tuesday snapchat filter. This filter pays homage to the hit pop song “going up on a Tuesday”. However the subject of this filter is the primary elections and not turning up in a club. Goin up on a tuesday snapchat filterI’m On Team Campaign 2016 Snapchat Filter 

The I’m On Team Campaign 2016 snapchat filter allows snapchat users to insert text that shows what team they are on. The filter consists of some white text in the upper right hand corner that reads “Campaign 2016”. At the bottom of the filter there is some bold white text that reads “I’m on Team”. After this text there is a blank box. This is where you will insert who you are supporting during the election.

im on team snapchat filter

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Happy Snapping!

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