Snapchat Filters – Fire Snapchat Sticker Filter

Snapchat filters have been created for a number of different reasons. Occasions that have had snapchat filters include holidays, sporting events, and even the release of the snapchat update.

The new snapchat update brings a ton of new features to the snapchat app. New features include improved video chat, notes, and even audio calls on snapchat.  The new snapchat update also added what are called snapchat stickers. Snapchat stickers are similar to emojis but much more specific and funny. The aim characters you can find are the sloth, the dog, and the cat. There are many other characters as well. There are also stickers with modern saying such as “fire” Below you will find a description of the fire snapchat sticker filter along with a picture of the filter. 

Fire Snapchat Sticker Filter Overview 

The fire snapchat lens allows snapchatfilter users to spice up their snaps. The fire snapchat lens is based off of a snapchat sticker which is based off of the modern use of the word “fire”. Today, fire is used to describe something as awesome or cool. The fire snapchat filter consists of the fire snapchat sticker in the bottom left hand corner of the filter. There is a cartoon fire flame with white text that reads “fire!” This filter will be used by hundreds of people as they send snaps of things that think are awesome. 

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Happy Snapping!

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