Snapchat Filters – Fort Collins, Colorado Snapchat Filter

Although almost all major cities now have a snapchat filter, the smaller cities and suburbs are getting more and more filters as well. In this article I will be discussing the snapchat filter that is available in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Fort Collins, Colorado is located north of Denver, Colorado. Although, much smaller than its capital neighbor, Fort Collins has a lot of offer its residents and visitors. Many flock to this city in order to be closer to the Rocky Mountains, or just for a change of weather and scenery. Fort Collins is also known as a college town due to the fact that the Colorado State University is located there. Fort Collins although not as big as Denver, is still very populous and is one of the most populated cities in Colorado.

Fort Collins, Colorado Snapchat Filter Overview

The Fort Collins snapchat filter is very similar to the filter that is available in Denver, CO as well. However it does have a few key differences that makes it unique. The filter consists of a large logo at the bottom of the screen. A sun with a red ring sits behind three blue mountains. In front of these mountains is two pine trees on either side of the words “Fort Collins”. The Fort Collins logo also has a reflection on the ground. This snapchat filter looks awesome on any picture and is great for snappers to share their location with their friends. Next time you are in or around Fort Collins, Colorado make sure to check out this awesome snapchat filter.

Snapchat Filters - Fort Collins, Colorado Snapchat Filter

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