Snapchat Filters – Happy Lunar New Year Snapchat Filter

Snapchat Filters - Happy Lunar New Year Snapchat Filter Today, February eighth, is an important day in Chinese culture. Today marks the end of one lunar year and the start of another. The event is known as the Lunar New Year; AKA the Chinese New Year. The lunisolar calendar is the traditional calendar of Chinese culture. Each year is represented by one of twelve zodiac animals. This year is the year of the monkey. If your zodiac symbol is a monkey your character is described as ambitious, adventurous but irritable. To mark the occasion of the new year snapchat created its own filter so that people all over the world can celebrate the fun event. There are likely to be parties all over the world to celebrate the event and this filter will be used to share the memories.

Happy Lunar New Year Snapchat Filter Overview 

The Happy Lunar New Year Snapchat Filter is very well put together. The filter consists of some red and gold, Asian style designs in the top right and bottom left corners. In the top left corner of the filter there is a monkey hanging from a wooden bar by his tail holding a gold hat. The monkey is red and gold with a white face. To the right of the monkey is some elegant gold font that reads “Happy Lunar New Year.” The monkey is a part of the filter because today marks the beginning of the year of the monkey in Chinese tradition. Along with the Chinese New Year Snapchat Filter, there is a live story that documents the celebration all over the world. The cover of the live story contains the same monkey from the filter but he is in a different position. When you watch the live story you will notice the Chinese New Year Filter used by some of the snaps that are featured in the story. Use this filter for yourself and your celebration snap may be used in the live story. To apply the filter just take a picture or video then swipe to the left or right until you get to the Lunar New Year snapchat filter.

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Happy Snapping!

Snapchat Filters - Happy Lunar New Year Snapchat Filter