Snapchat Filters – Happy Memorial Day 2016 Snapchat Filter

Every major holiday in the United States has received its own snapchat filter that allows snapchat users to celebrate the holiday on their snaps. The most recent holiday snapchat filter is the 2016 Memorial Day Snapchat filter. 

Memorial Day is a holiday that honors the men and women who have laid down their lives to protect the United States of America. Below you will find a description of the Memorial Day snapchat filter along with an image of the filter applied. 

Memorial Day Snapchat Filter 2016 Overview 

The Memorial Day snapchat filter allows snapchat users to celebrate Memorial Day by decorating thair snaps of their Memorial Day festivities. The color scheme of the filter is Red, white and blue. Along the top of the filter there are some flags hanging from a rope. At the bottom of the filter is some patriotic text that reads “happy Memorial Day”. Below the text there are two American flags, as well as some balloons and stars.

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