Snapchat Filters – Happy National Cereal Day Cheerios Snapchat Filter

Today, March 7th, is national cereal day in the United States. To celebrate this celebration of cereal, the cereal brand Cheerios has paid snapchat to release a sponsored filter. This filter will be applied to snaps throughout the day by people who love snapchat and cereal alike. You will likely see this filter on some snaps this morning from people who are eating cereal for breakfast. Below you will find a description of the Cheerios snapchat filter.

Happy National Cereal Day Snapchat Filter 

The happy national cereal day snapchat filter consists of a few different features that relate to the theme of cereal. The filter is sponsored by Cheerios so you will see their brand have a big influence on this snapchat filter. I’m the top right corner of the filter there is a box of Cheerios cereal. There are also a number of cereal pieces falling out of the box and down the left side of the filter. Along the bottom of the filter there is some white text that reads “happy national cereal day” which is wishing the snaochat users a happy cereal day. Make sure you enjoy some cereal today.

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Happy snapping!

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