Snapchat Filters -Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Snapchat Filter

 It’s finally Saint Patrick’s day and snapchat has contributed to today’s festivities by releasing a snapchat filter for snapchat users to use. 

Saint Patrick’s day is a celebration of Irish culture and history. You will likely see a number of people today wearin green which is a symbol of Irish culture. You may also see a lot of shamrock and leprechaun themed clothing, pins, etc. There is a superstition that says if you don’t wear green on Saint Patrick’s day a leprechaun will punch you. So watch your back. Below you will find a picture if the Saint Patrick’s day snapchat filter along with a description. 

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Snapchat Filter Overview 

The Saint Patrick’s day snapchat filter pays homage to Irish culture and allows snapchat users to do so as well. The filter consists of a lepricaun in the bottom left hand corner of the filter. There are some gold coins around him as well as a rainbow pouring into a pot of gold. To the right of the rainbow there is a green banner that reads “happy Saint Patrick’s day” 

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Happy Snapping!