Snapchat Filters – Honda Civic They See Me Rolling Filter

Snapchat Filters - Honda Civic They See Me Rolling Filter What is the Honda Civic They See Me Rolling Filter on Snapchat?

On January 8th 2016 a new promotional snapchat filter was made available to snapchat users. The filter is a promotion of one of Honda’s most popular vehicles, the Honda Civic. This sponsored filter is promoting Honda’s new and improved civic. The 2016 Honda Civic has been completely redesigned from the ground up and this filter is promoting interest in the vehicle. Honda has also began a television commercial campaign for the new vehicle with an expensive commercial which features the 2016 Honda Civic Touring Sedan. Below You will find the official video released by Honda. As well as an overview of the Honda Civic “They see me rollin” filter on snapchat.


Snapchat Filters – Honda Civic They See Me Rolling Filter Overview

The sponsored snapchat filter that promotes the new civic is an interesting one. The filter includes two lines of bold blue text along the top of the filter. The text reads “They see me rollin”. The bold blue text is outlined by white edges. The phrase comes from a popular rap song in the 2000’s. The phrase was also made popular by meme creators who used the phrase as a caption to pictures of people rolling around in cars, wagons, etc. Along the bottom of the filter you will find a light blue silhouette  of a Honda Civic that fills up the bottom fourth of the screen. The silhouette is also highlighted with white just as the text at the top of the filter was. The front and back windows of the Civic are transparent so any photos or videos this filter is applied to will show through them. On the side of the Civic, where the doors would be, there is a Honda logo as well as a civic logo. Both of these logos are white. Also in white text on the side of the Civic, there is a disclaimer that reads “Do not snap while driving”. This is an effort to remind snapchat users that it is not safe to be using a mobile device while operating a motor vehicle.

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