Snapchat Filters – Houston, Texas Snapchat Filter

Nearly every major city in the United States has a snapchat geofilter of it’s own. The number of these is rising everyday due to popular demand and new ideas. In this article, I will be discussing the snapchat filter that is available in Houston, Texas.

Houston, Texas is not the capital of the state, however it is the largest city in the state. Houston also holds the title of the fourth most populous city in the United states and is rapidly growing. Some believe Houston may soon pass Chicago and become the third most populous city in America. Houston is located in the southeastern part of the state and near the Gulf of Mexico. Houston has a very famous skyline and a lot of fun activities to enjoy. Below you will find a description of the snapchat filter that is available in Houston, TX.

Houston, Texas Snapchat Filter Overview

Snapchat’s filter for Houston, Texas includes two logos. The filter consists of one logo at the top of the screen, “Houston” is centered and written in all caps in white. The second logo is at the bottom and is the skyline of Houston in different colors including shades of blue, gray and white. If you’re ever in Houston, make sure to try out this filter to let your friends know where you are!

Snapchat Filters - Houston, Texas Snapchat Filter

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