Snapchat Filters – How To Get The Date Filter On Snapchat

Snapchat gives its users a number of different snapchat filters to use on their snaps. Filters range from the time of day, to speed, to holidays. Some of these filters are always available while others, like the holiday filters, are only available for a short period of time; usually one day.

There is one filter on snapchat that is hidden in a way. Not many snapchat users know about this filter because there is an extra little step you must preform to apply it to a snap. The filter is known as the date filter. This filter allows snapchat users to add the date to their snaps. There are two variations of the filter, one with bold font and the month listed in letters, the other in skinnier thin font with the month listed numerically. The date snapchat filter is available to all snapchat users. Below you will find out how to get the date filter on snapchat as well as an image of the two different variations of the date filter on snapchat.

How to Get The Date Filter on Snapchat 

The date filter on snapchat allows snapchat users to add the date the snap was taken to the snap itself for the recipient to see. You can choose between two different fonts; one being bold, and the other being thinner. To use the date filter you must first take either a snap or a video on the snapchat app. You will then swipe either to the left or right until you get to the filter with the time of day. Once you see this filter you will double tap on the time. This will change the time to the thinner font date snapchat filter. To change it to the bold font you simply tap once more. The date snapchat filter is great for snapchat users who want to let people know when a snap was taken, or to show off what day it is. Give this filter a try next time you are on snapchat and let me know how it goes by commenting below.
Snapchat Filters - How To Get The Date Filter On Snapchat Snapchat Filters - How To Get The Date Filter On Snapchat

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