Snapchat Filters – How to Get The Shopping List Snapchat Filter

The snapchat filter has gone from a fun little addition to the snapchat app during the holidays, to a marketing tool for businesses and much more. 

Some snapchat filters are only available on certain locations. For example, each major city has its own filter for people to use when they are in a particular city. These are called geofilters geofilters also allow businesses to advertise on snapchat by sponsoring snapcjat filters and putting their brand on the filter. Some filters are available around stores but are not sponsored. An example of one of these filters is the shopping list snapchat filter. Below you will find a description of the shopping list filter along with an image of the filter.

How to Get The Shopping List Snapchat Filter 

The shopping list snapchat filter allows snapcjat users to create a shopping list when they are near a retail location. When you are near a location where snapchat knows there are stored you will be able to use the shopping list snapchat filter. The shopping list snapchat filter consists of a number of white and red lines that create the effect of notebook paper. At the top of the filter there is some red text that looks like handwriting. The text reads “shopping list.” In the bottom left hand corner there are some multicolored shopping bags. This filter’s purpose is to send snaps to your friends as you shop. You can fill the lines with all the things you are shopping for , then as you buy them, you can send pictures to your friends with a check in the box. 

To get the shopping list snapcjat filter you simply swipe to the left or right when you take a snap video or picture. It will only work if you are in a location where snapchat has the filter available.

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