Snapchat Filters – I Won’t Snap And Drive Snapchat Filter 

Snapchat has a variety of different filters for snapchat users to choose from. Some of these filters alter the color scheme of the screen while others promote a cause or holiday. 

On April 19th 2016, a snapchat filter was released in an effort to stop people from using snapchat while they are behind the wheel. There are warnings about snapping and driving when you use the speedometer snapchat filter. Now there is a filter specifically  promoting the practice of not snapping and driving. I’m the time it takes you to look at a snap, anything could happen. Below you will find a description of the I won’t snap and drive snapchat filter along with an image of the filter.

I Won’t Snap And Drive Snapchat Filter Overview

The I won’t snap and drive snapchat filter allows snapcjat users to send a pledge to their friends saying they will not use snapchat while driving. The filter consists of a number of yellow tire tracks that travel across the screen in different locations. In the upper right hand corner there is some white text that reads “Stop the texts. Stop the wrecks.” Although the slogan is referring to texts, snaps are just as big of a problem if not a bigger one. In the bottom of the filter is a logo with a number of message symbols. The message symbols surround some text that reads “I won’t snap & drive.” Although this filter is supposed to stop people from snapping and driving, you know there will be some people who try to be funny by sending snaps with this filter while they are driving. Hopefully this doesn’t happen and cause any accidents.


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Happy Snapping!