Snapchat Filters – If I Win $900 Million Powerball Filter on Snapchat

Snapchat Filters - If I Win $900 Million Powerball Filter on Snapchat Filter Background 

In recent weeks the powerball lottery has grown and grown. The current value of the powerball is pushing nine hundred million dollars. Ticket sales have been increasing as people rush to increased their odds of becoming a multi millionaire. The odds to win the lottery are currently 1 in 292 million. If you were to become the lucky winner of this prize you would have to pay a tremendous amount of taxes on the payout. If you were to take the lump sum of the money  you would only receive around $300 million. Although this is only one third of the advertised prize ammount, it is still plenty of money. If you were to invest the money properly, you could turn that $300 million into well over $900 million.

If I Win $900 Million Powerball Filter Overview

The powerball filter on snapchat is inspired by the enormous amount of prize money currently being offered to the next lottery winner. The advertised prize is over $900 million. The filter is composed of a number of items that all represent something related to wealth and success. The bottom of the filter takes up about one fourth of the screen. It is composed of green and white stars, dollar signs, credit cards, gold keys, a unicorn, and a hover board. The dollar signs and the money are obviously signs of wealth; as are the credit/ debit cards. I am not entirely sure what the gold keys represent. The keys could be a representation of DJ Khaleds Keys to success. The hover board is there because snapchat is pretty sure that the majority of their users would be interested in purchasing a hover board if they were to win the $900 million. The unicorn is there because if you could win $900 million instantly, why not have a unicorn too? The top of the filter consists of  more dollar signs and stars as well as two champagne gushing across either side of the filter. Between the two champagne bottles there is some white text that reads, “If I win $900 million…”. The filter is intended for users to take a picture or video of what they would do if they were filthy rich, then apply this filter. It is a neat filter give it a try while it is still available.

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Snapchat Filters - If I Win $900 Million Powerball Filter on Snapchat