Snapchat Filters – International Woman’s Day 2016 We Run The World

  A new snapchat filter was released for the second day in a row. Yesterday was the cereal snapchat filter, today is the international woman’s day we run the world snapchat filter. This filter is a celebration of all the amazing accomplishments women have achieved all across the world. This filter will be used by both men and women alike as long as it is available. Don’t be surprised if you receive some snaps with this filter applied. In the filter there are some symbols and we will discuss them below. Below you will find a description of the filter as well. 

International Woman’s Day Snapchat Filter Overview 

The international woman’s day snapchat filter is a celebration of the acomplishments of women around the world. The filter consists of a the planet earth arching across the bottom of the filter. There are a number of women on top of the planet that represent the women that have changed the world. In the middle of the women there is an average looking girl. This girl is a symbol that shows that anyone can be the next to change the world. Above the girl and the women standing on the earth, there are a number of white stars. There is also some white text that reads “we run the world.” At the top of te filter there is some more white text that reads “international women’s day 2016” this is the title of the filter and marks the occasion.

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Happy Snapping!