Snapchat Filters – It Is Friday The 13th Black Cat Snapchat Filter 

There are snapchat lenses for events big and small all over the world. Some events are real while others are supernatural. 

Today is Friday the 13th. Fridat the thirteenth is associated with bad luck by many. There are even horror movies based off of Friday the 13th superstitions. To mark the event snapchat created a snapchat filter for users to add to snaps. Below you will find a descriptio of the “it is Friday the 13th snap chat filter” along with an image of the filter.

It Is Friday The 13th Snapchat Filter Overview

The it’s Friday the 13th snapchat filter allows snapchat users to mark the event with a snapchat filter. The filter pays homage to the idea of bad luck by adding a black cat to the filter in the bottom right hand corner. Around the cat is a purple haze and different colored stars. There is also some text that reads “it is Friday the 13th.”

Happy Snapping!