Snapchat Filters – Keanu 4/20 Got Me Like Snapchat Filter 

 Snapchat filters have been created to promote a number of different events, holidays, and products. Some movies have even created their own snapchat filters to promote the release of the movie. 

On April 4th, 2016 a snapchat filter sponsored by the Keanu movie. Keanu is a comedy starring the comedians from the comedy show key and peele. The movie looks like it would be a lot of fun to go see with friends. The filter for the movie was released on 4/20 because I’m teenage culture, 420 is the term used when people smoke marijuana. The smoking of marijuana may or may not occur in te movie Keanu. Below you will find a description of the Keanu 4/20 got me like snapchat filter along with a picture of the filter.

Keanu 4/20 Got Me Like Snapchat Filter Overview

The Keanu 4/20 got me like snapchat filter allows snapchat users who plan on seeing the movie Keanu to apply a filter. It could also be funny to some people. The filter consists of a cat dressed as a thug in the bottom left hand corner. The car is wearing a sleeveless shirt with a bandana and a number of gold chains. One of the gold chains reads “Keanu”. To the right of the car there is some text that reads “4/20 got me like”. This is a reference to some activities that may occur in the movie.  

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