Snapchat Filters – Kobe Bryant Nike Mambaday Snapchat Filter

 Snapchat filters are created for a number of events around the world. Filters are created for holidays, events and even to promote products. 

The Kobe Bryant Nike Mamba Day Snapchat filter is a combination of a sponsored lens and a holiday lens. Today, April 13th, NBA star Kobe Bryant will be playing in the last professional basketball game of his career. Tickets to the game will cost spectators thousands of dollars. Luckily the event will be covered in television and snapchat. There will be a live snapchat story for Kobe’s last game. Below you will find a description of the Kobe Bryant Nike Mambaday snapchat filter along with an image of the filter. 

Snapchat Filters – Kobe Bryant Nike Mambaday Snapchat Filter Overview

The Kobe Bryant Mambaday snapchat filters allows snapchat users to support both Nike and the black mamba, their support in Kobe Bryant’s last game. The filter consists of a gold Nike swoosh at the top of the filter. At the bottom of the snapchat filter is an image of Kobe Bryant holding his hand to his ear listening to the crowd. In front of the picture there is a gold Kobe symbol with gold text below it that reads “Mambaday”. This filter will be used by fans of basketball and the black mamba during his last game in the NBA. 

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