Snapchat Filters – Las Vegas, Nevada Snapchat Filter

Many cities have snapchat filters that are good indicators of the city, suburb, place, or event it is located in. In this article I will discuss the snapchat filter that is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas, NV is a tourist and vacation location for many people around the United States and the World. For starters, Vegas is a great place to go for gambling or your 21st birthday. If you are looking for a place that is prime nightlife, Las Vegas is your place. Many people flock to this city in an effort to gamble, party, visit nice resorts or even to elope. In Las Vegas, the main area of bars, clubs, resorts, casinos and restaurant is called “the strip”. In addition to this, Las Vegas is a great place to go see concerts as many people make that a part of their vacation if they decide to go there. The weather in Las Vegas is hot, but also not humid. Many people love this city just because of that. Below you will find a description of the Las Vegas, Nevada snapchat filter, and a description of it.

Las Vegas, Nevada Snapchat Filter Overview

 The Las Vegas, Nevada snapchat filter is very representative of the city of Las Vegas in many ways. It consists of a large log on the top of the screen. Starting with the words “Greetings From” in lowercase, cursive, a light teal color. However, that is not all. Below this, is large block letters reading “Las Vegas”. These letters are made to look like blinking light-up signs that you might find on the strip. The different colors included in this geofilter are blue, pink and a raspberry red. Whether you are in or around Las Vegas for what ever reason, make sure to snap a picture add this filter and send your greetings to your friends!

Snapchat Filters - Las Vegas, Nevada Snapchat Filter

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