Snapchat Filters – Little Rock, Arkansas Snapchat Filter

Nearly every city in the united states, small and large, has its own snapchat filter. Snapchat filters for cities usually contain a landmark from the city or a slogan that represents the city. These filters are geofilters which means that they are only available in their respective city.

In the town of Little Rock, Arkansas you will find a snapchat geofilter that allows you to show your friends where you are. Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas and is the most populous city in Arkansas. The Little Rock, Arkansas snapchat filter is available within the city limits of Little Rock and is one of the cooler geofilters available on snapchat. Below you will find a description of the Little Rock, AR snapchat filter along with a picture of the filter.

Little Rock, Arkansas Snapchat Filter Overview

The Little Rock, AR snapchat filter allows snapchat users in the city of Little Rock to spice up their snaps on snapchat. The filter consists of a number of elements that are symbols of the Little Rock area. The Little Rock snapchat filter takes up the bottom third of the screen. The background of the filter consists of a blue silhouette of the Little Rock skyline with green highlights. In the foreground of the snapchat filter there is a transparent line of text that reads “501” which is the area code in Little Rock. In front of that there is some green and blue text that reads “Welcome to Little Rock.” This filter is one of my favorite and I highly recommend giving it a try when you are in the Little Rock area.

Snapchat Filters - Little Rock, Arkansas Snapchat Filter

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